Bringing A Wild Quaker
To The Vet In CT

One of Connecticut's avian veterinarian offices called the CT Department of Environmental Protection, Wildlife Division, to learn how they view captured Quaker/Monk Parakeets and what the vet may legally do. They were told:

  • These birds may NOT be captured and kept as pets.
  • An injured bird (i.e. caught by a cat, falls from nest, nest falls down, etc.) may NOT be captured and then released back into the wild in CT
  • If you bring in one of these birds which you caught, the vet may NOT give it back to you. They are instructed to either euthanize it, place it at an educational facility such as Beardsley Zoo, or place it with someone who lives in another state. The vast majority of these birds will be euthanized!!!
  • The DEP would prefer that no Quakers be kept as pets in CT. But if you already own one, they will not take it from you, nor will the vet. It would be prudent to have the bird identified in some way: LEAVE BANDS ON, microchip them, keep sales receipts, etc.

If you have any further questions, the best person to contact is Jenny Dixon, DEP Wildlife Division, at 860-675-8130.

Please sign the new on-line petition to save Connecticut's wild Quaker Monk Parakeets!!

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